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What people say about powerful energy jewelry:
Orgone Power Pendants ~ Spiritual and Healing Jewelry


"Peace and Love,
I wanted so badly to send an email with my review and an expression of my appreciation the very day I received the enlightening energy of these great orgone pieces.

I came across after reading about Wilhelm Reich and feeling compelled to search for orgonite that resonated with me.

I purchased the peace manifestation pendant, shaman pendant, 7 chakra balancing pendant, AUM (OM) pendant, and the abundance and prosperity pendant. I also receive Ulexite as a gift that has enhanced my experience.

I have spent at least a couple of days wearing each pendant and have grown from the energy I experienced and the realization of my ability to experience said energy.

I wear the chakra balancing pendant daily, and have noticed it not only catches the eye of those I pass by but makes me feel radiant and balanced similar to the way I feel after a daily yoga session.

I wear the AUM pendant when meditating and during yoga and also while sleeping.
This piece makes me more open to possibilities, even in things I encounter regularly.

I wear the peace manifestation pendant whenever I feel compelled to and sometimes in conjunction with my
aum pendant. This pendant does just what the name implies and reminds me that have piece and joy in everything I do is just as important in what I am doing and essential to the energy I emit while doing it.

My shaman pendant is my 'go to' for meditation and on me if not near me while sleeping nightly.
This pendant gave me a better understanding of clairvoyance and put me in contact with two people that have furthered my journey into spiritual growth. I have been feeling compelled to seek a shaman's guidance and this piece along with the others has helped prepare me.

Finally, my prosperity and abundance pendant has served the purpose of reminding me to value all abundance accordingly and it has also been a nice accent to the colors I typically wear. I also must give my regards to the Ulexite that works great with my tourmaline quartz necklace that remain beneath the pillow I sleep on. This has undoubtedly been a galvanizing catalyst to the revealing and inspirational dreams I've had since receiving them. I place positive intent into all my pendants and honor all involved in getting them to me, to you and your energy.
I say, namaste. Peace and Love, Sanford

This is a remarkable orgone pendant. I can visualize more clearly I noticed and it happens fast for results. I love this pendant. When I first got the pendant, I was wearing it around my neck and pendant was laying on my upper breast. Felt the amazing energy right away on my chest.  Well, I didn't notice this until the next day or so, but the painful cysts I was feeling ... there was no pain and no cysts anymore."~ Carol G.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you so much for all the lovely orgone products! I am BLOWN AWAY!! I have never seen orgone products this incredibly stunning." Lou

" Combinations of those orgone feet chakra balancers; healing pendant; implant neutralizer; the OM pendant which seems to enhance (if there is nothing else that "AUM" does for somebody) the receptive effect of all the healing energies/orgones around my receptive body.
These all create a good environment, to say the least. I used them this morning, to release a very large amount (not all) of lower back/glutes pain that develops annoyingly over time from sciatica-like conditions. ~ K.B.

That protection (orgone) pendant saved my life, and literally saved my friends life the day I gave it to him... I'll explain later, in detail, when I have a chance" - Nick H

While wearing the protection pendant I felt a great deal of heat in the back of my solar plexus. I almost wasn't sure because if it was from the pendant. Most of it's effects have been more subtle but ocasionally there are some unpleasant people who pop into my head. When they do they also seem to disapear the second I put the protection pendant on.

I can't thank you enough, orgone has been working (even if it's over very extended periods of time) where everything has failed, it's easy to use, and being from the multi-tasking generation, I love being able to heal somewhat without skipping a beat in my day when I am working, playing, and even sleeping. E.S.P."

I want first , to thank you for the foot chakra balancers (orgone)...the cramps in my husbands legs have not occured since the very first night he wore them, it's been 24 days now !!! Also, definately sleeping better. You do really make POWERFUL HEALING ORGONE. ~ Carolyn L."

"Thank you for the amazing transformation that the orgone pendant has truly done for my overall well being as a person. I wear it like my wedding ring. I never leave home without it. The positive energy radiates my entire soul and I can feel it cycle through me with each breath I take." ~ Alicia H.

Thank you for your expedited shipping of the orgone products. I have ordered from you before one being an Abundance Orgone pendant for me and the Dragon Orgone Pendant. The reiki healer I consulted told me she has not seen such a strong healing energy in an orgone pendant. She was pretty impressed. Thank you for your support. Many Blessings, Martina"

"I've got a lot of healing left to do but right now I can say honestly I'd still be getting nowhere without the orgone, or at least I'd feel like I was getting nowhere because of how much longer it was taking. I've been for about a year now experimenting will anything I think will help, colors, crystals, sounds, mind control, the list goes on. And I'm seeing results more than ever now" X X

Your foot chakra orgone devices have a very grounding and center around!
With my symptoms of ADHD and borderline syndrome I know it very well. Thanks and all the best - Michael"

"I'm very glad that I bought every one of the orgone devices, it would be very easy to become addicted to the orgone devices (or their effects more precisely). These seem to be packaged or canned miracles." X X

"Thank you again.
Your orgone pendants have literally saved some of my friend's lives... and let others live and let love rather than live and let die :) - Nick"

Its been some time but not too long since I ordered the unique orgone healing pendant for my mom. My mom really loves the pendant and since then she's been going through a detox on many levels, which is the most crucial step in any complete healing. I'm so grateful for the healing you put into her pendant, I let her open it and so I didn't see what it looked like but I could feel the healing vibrating out of the package when I brought it from the mail. My mom has a stronger resolve and she is on her way to better health.
Which is also a recent development since using your orgone creations, I've even started to see auras
! I really don't know what I would do if I hadn't found your site or your life changing orgone creations, they have been a huge impact on me and my own journey, Though I do not know you on a personal level I feel as if you too, are one of my teachers and I'm learning through working with your orgone. You really give to the world what its been denied for centuries, Freedom and Independance, and a space to step out of yourself and expand who you really are...thats what I think of when I see your creations and work with them, total freedom and healing...their awesome...~ Ashley"

"I want to extend my heart-felt gratitude for helping me with the portal in my home. I did exactly as you instructed ( twice ) and it was amazing how fast the change happened. My mother immediately began to become healthier again and has not been sick since. Before doing the portal rituals I had placed all of my other orgone cones in the room where she is most of the time and  the very next day she was feeling remarkably better. I know for a fact that your orgone creations are the result of this dramatic change, not only in my mother's health but the energy in our home. I still have spirits coming around but they are only those such as guides, family and higher vibrational ones with love and light. We receive smells of flowers now :-)  Your loving guidance and powerful orgone creates miracles! ~ Love Angela"

WOW!  Those feet chakra balancers are awesome!  When I first got them, the energy level was pretty intense - in fact they made me a bit queasy when I first handled them. About 2 hrs later, I was able to handle them for much longer periods and slept with them on that night.  I did not start noticing anything until about the 3rd night, but my dog sure did like them from the beginning.  She nestles down in my bed to sleep the day away when I go to work and I leave the balancers strategically placed around the edges of the bed - when I come back they are always moved to the area where she has been sleeping.  So, on your website I was reading about a fellow named George who said he used them for yoga.  I tried it and he sure is correct!  Greater rythm, greater breath capacity, more ability to stretch - I feel kind of euphoric after yoga now when using these balancers. I am also able to go to a deeper spot when I meditate.  I have just been meditating since the beginning of the year.  I have been sleeping much better also lately and really hate to have them off my person.  Nice job on these!!!  Do they keep their energy for some time or do they need to be recharged occasionally?  I will probably contact you in the near future to have you take a peek at my aura........  balance it out.  I had been debating on what orgone pendant to get and finally settled on the on the balancers.  I am sure it was a great choice!  I really love them. Thanks so much, Rosemary S"

"I am water sign and during full moons I am intensely emotional. Your Earthing feet chakra balancers helped me stay centered around full moons where before I could hardly sleep. Now that I wear these feet grounders I sleep all night long during full moons. Not only that they really help me release emotional tension stack in my body. thank you for creating these amazing gifts." Jessica S.

" I love your orgone tools -I feel such sweet energy and tremendous power in them. - Rona

"I had quite a hectic March and April this year (mostly related to that whole twin soul topic, it felt like the connection had increased 10x) and your items (orgone products) have been a godsend. I now have a peace of mind that I have never had before, negative thoughts just don't enter my mind at all like they used to. ~ Nick S

"The hardest part about using orgone is limiting myself to only 2 pendants at a time, I am often tempted to use more of them at one time, and I have had days where part of me wants to keep every item I have in my aura (those days I tend to just use the 2 that have the strongest pull for me and rotate which ones I wear through the day). I have been thinking more postivly without even trying, feeling better for the most part, and I realized just before I went to sleep wasn't so desprate for something that afew months ago I would have distroyed myself to have. P.T."

"I received my FCB (feet chakra balancers) yesterday and so I slept with them in my socks and ohmygosh!!!  I literally felt it within 1 minute, my feet and legs were tingly and everything!  I fell asleep within 5-10 minutes ((something that never happens without a pill sleeping aid)) and I slept completely through the night waking up around 8:30 ish feeling rested. That NEVER happens!  It was amazingly amazing!!! Thank you so much!!!~ Ashley "

"The Dolphin Communication orgone Pendant is very gentle and understanding to the things in our hearts.. I felt, as I slept with it under my pillow at night, that these energies slowly unearth what hurts you or has hurt you in the past and allows you to heal from it and move on with ease, just like a dolphin in clear waters...I always think that I am the type of person who needs to be dashed against a stone to be changed or for something to get through to me but the Dolphin's showed me that thats not always the case, change can be profound without breaking you down. ~Ashley"

I almost feel like a Wow shaman with your pendants, the protection pendant helps me stay centered and focused, the AUM pendant helps me feel at peace and onto it, & the shaman pendant energies remind me of a beautiful sunny morning on a perfect day and I feel connected to the Peru mountains. Cheers, Nick"

I have quite a collection of your orgone creations and this one I have to say is one of my favourites if not the # 1 pick to date, it really has a punch! Already I noticed on its arrival that I had received even more orders then usual right before and right after it got here- there is definately a higher and more evolved set of energies and consciousness attached to the Dragon pendant.
I find that it leads me to understand higher more abstract messages when I recieve them I see right away the concept of the message and multiple layers of its depth of meaning I was missing this aspect before and I find it is fine tuning the way messages are converted, its more cosmic and less personal, almost as though my filters have changed or readjusted. I also noticed that it amplifies traits that we already have making them more powerful there is a clarity and sharpness in the 'vision of life' I have been using this with the Dragon's pendant so there is a further increase when using them, you can easily find yourself drifting to altered states and OBE- THe Dragon Pendant is a tool for power and not for the light hearted, very often when I need a break from the energies and take it off, I can feel myself shift into a lower gear.
Thanks again for making such powerfully conscious tools, these babies are alive and in tune and giving me a larger more panoramic seat in the cosmic cinema! YF ~ Canada"

"The Foot Chakra balancers are wonderful, they helped me connect to Mother Earth's energy so easily as well as plant spirits, I found communication and a lightness on my heart that was very calming and brought me to tears. I feel so grounded and centered when sleeping and don't wake up with that usual drowsy feeling, I also feel refreshed like getting a good cleaning while I'm sleep, I'm a person who requires quite alot of protection when sleeping, because I've got a pension for not being able to conceal my energy on the spiritual realms, that said, these balancers do just the trick in helping me to level out and stay safe...more surprises on the way! xx

After learning about Orgonite, I searched for someone that made them.  When I found your site, I was AMAZED at the variety and quality of your pendants.  After some deliberation, I ordered the Shamanic Vision pendant, and excitedly waited for it... When I received it, I opened the package, and took it out.  I nearly passed out from the surge of energy just from holding it!  I had to put it in the other room, and gradually acclimate to it, a little at a time... I now wear it all the time.  I get compliments on it ALL the time, easily 2-3 a week :)  and when asked about it, I say it's orgonite magic, and share your website! I just received the second pendant, a gift for a friend, and also got the feet chakra balancers. (FCB's).  I think I'm becoming addicted! When I used the FCBs, I felt energy run all the way to my knees, strongly, to where I felt I had to shake and move my legs, sort of like restless legs syndrome :)  They are very powerful! Love, love, love the work you're doing! Andrea T."

"The dragons finally came out to play :) When I went to sleep last night something was drawing me to the dragon pendent. Placed hands and pendant over my heart center, feet balancers in place :D..... I could feel my whole bodies vibrations adjusting and could feel some extra energy and color emitting. From there my spirit guide or angel made herself known... I have felt different since. I can now see the energies coming from my orgone gifts." Mike H - Canada

"Thank you so much for the (unique) pendant. I wear it all the time, day and night. This last 1,5 weeks have been a turningpoint for me and I still do not know what has really happended. I have struggled this year to find myself a job and now in a very short period of time I have two. One job I got immediately and the other I will hopefully start next year. It is amazing. Thank God. And thank you for your help and for this beautiful pendant. It is valuble to me. Lots of Blessings and love from Angelica"

"I let my friend borrow the dream enhancer. She left it under her pillow and her mom has been using it: here's what she has to say (my friend's words, regarding her moms reactions - she's a nurse and was originally amazed at the amount of REM sleep she got unknowingly the first night she had it under her pillow. "My mom can't stop talking about her sleeps the past 3 nights. She said things in her brain from when she was 15 are coming up and she's never dreamt so much in her whole sleeping life. She's never used and that she had full blown conversations with her boyfriend from when he was 15 whom she hasn't thought about in years.
She also said she's sleeping for 14 hrs usually she's up every hour." ~Nick H.

"I already own the love-heart pendant.  I have used the pendant frequently since I received it in December 2009.  Immediately after I received it, I realized my romantic feelings for a long-time friend and we were married a few months later.  I am truly grateful that I was able to allow love into my life.  I enjoy meditating with my pendant or just using it when I am overly emotional.  It helps to calm me and energize me.  I feel peaceful and positive while wearing it. Thank you for making such beautiful pieces! ~ Jessica

"I haven't yet felt the full effects of the dragon pendant because its only been 2 days and I'm grateful that the spirits are being kind and arising the energy gently. I do have a heightened sense of energy and purpose now. When I first received it, not even 5 mins went by and I had a burst of clarity and drive to do the things I had originally planned to put off.
It was suddenly like a knife cut through my indecision and made me focus like a diamond stylus, its a very refreshing feeling. I am slowly bonding with the energies in a patient and loving manner, full of enthusiasm.
Whenever I focus my attention on the energy, I feel the scene of a wild and serene jungle, the birth place of the ancients, I contemplate on it daily as I feel the sacred tree seed guiding my thoughts to it.
Thanks so much for all you do, your an amazing role model to me, knowing what you do pushes me to go that extra mile spiritually and find the thing that I can do to make our mother happy again.
Thanks again! Ashley"

"The (7 Dragons) empowerment is wonderful....and the energy is STRONG. I haven't felt anything like it before. As you warned, it was overwhelming at times and I had to back off a bit.
I'm continuing to wear my dragon pendant and rarely take it off. I've been having some great particular, I suddenly had the creative energy to empower myself in a situation that has made me feel enslaved for years. Also, every time I go into my wallet lately, there's more money there than I expected there to be. That's a great bonus :) Thank you so much for you and the work you do. :) Love and Blessings, Emily"

"The chakra feet balancers have helped me sleep all through the night with no interruptions. When I put them in my socks, I feel a very slight vibration. Thank you so much. ~Kelly G"

"I have noticed that everytime I wear the abundance and prosperity orgone pendant and elixir my income goes up. It trully works!
Thank you ~ Mike".

"Last night I placed the Dragon pendant over my heart while laying in bed.... what I experienced was far beyond my expectations, serious vibrations over my entire body, different spirits coming and going layering me with different colored energies... MikE"

So far with this dragon pendant I have been having an amazing boost into transformation of myself. Previous held beliefs and things I didn't know held me back have come to my attention and fallen away with ease. My heart feels lighter and lighter everyday, I change a little more and grow a little more and can honestly feel the light pouring into my heart.
This pendant is like the motor on my paddle boat and has helped me kick it into high gear and follow my hearts path. I feel the protection and assurance from the dragons and the peace of mother earth. The mantra really steps up the whole experience as well. When I say it just as instructed, my whole body begins to vibrate. The one thing I've noticed about this pendant is that its not just something to give you an energy boost and shield. I find that these energies intelligently sync with you and teach you to see yourself and guide you to becoming better, its only been a few weeks and yet I feel I've had months worth of personal growth.
Thank you so much for the creation of this pendant.
~ Ashley

"I would just like to comment that i have been "on the path" for quite a few/many years, and am totally blown away by the frequencies/energy that i feel/read from your site and from your "friends" linked sites -- from the pages themselves, generally, and from the many photos of the products, etc. Truly high and extremely potent !!  You all are a huge blessing !!! J G"

"Thanks!  I love my shaman vision pendant, this new one (clairvoyance orgone pendant) is for a friend :)  thanks for creating such beautiful healing tools... Andrea T."

"I love people's reaction when I let them wear the feet chakra balancers here to relax for a reiki/healing session, it gets them started into the power stuff!! so they wear the feet chakra balancers and I put the orgone & set of 7 chakra balancers and they go into a deep relaxation when I do a healing they sleep and wake up totally refreshed, its so great I do less work too, because its not such a load on me. X X"

"I just received my new orgone pendant and OMG I love it!!!  Thank you so much for all the time you took to make it on my behalf  and responding to my needs.  I have been wearing the pendant from the first empowerment for over a year every day to work and now I am so happy to have a new one to switch back and forth with. The other one is a bit dull now from wearing compared to this one but I love it all the same. Your orgone and pendants are unmatched and I am so thankful to own them.  What POWER indeed! This could not have come at a better time. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Angela"

"I never thanked you for the Foot Chakra Balancers! I've been using them for a few days now and WOW. My feet feel sensitive every morning after wearing them and I'm sleeping wonderfully. You can really feel the vibrations when you're relaxed it's awesome. Great work ~ Justin"

"I just want to tell you that I got my Love Orgone Pendant yesterday and Wow! Before I opened the package yesterday, I kind of meditated a bit and I could feel a warm energy through my hands, so I was so eager and put it on. When the pendant hang nearby my heart, I could feel my heart beated in a calm and magick way. I felt at peace and it was daytime at my living room. So peace and calm and then I fell asleep. Thank you." Marcelle L, Sweden"

"I had a heart attack earlier this year and my hearty physically has not recovered and is only pumping at 38% capacity.This makes me very tired however my spirit is strong and when I felt the energy from your healing products I felt a shift and a wave of light flow through me. Namaste -Suzy L"

I do shamanic healing work and the last ceremony I was conducting I had such a hard time due to psychic attacks. Let me tell you: your protection orgone pendant saved me. It is such a powerful necklace! First off I recovered my voice that I needed for my chants, was able to come back to my own powers and conduct shamanic ceremonies in order to do healing work. I am very grateful for this amazing spiritual protection tool you offer to the world. Blessings, X X"

"Meditating with the OCB's (orgone chakra balancers) from you I noticed that I am very calm and there is crazy amount of activity in my third eye". ~ K.C.

" it was SO AMAZING to watch Eveline as she opened the wrapped (orgone) pendant. We could feel the orgone just swell from the necklace. She said her arms were tingling from the pendant, and that the disks in her spine went where they belong. X.X

"I used to have trouble sleeping due to medication I am taking, I had what I call "white nights", it was so annoying. Since wearing the feet chakra balancers my sleep has improved a great deal!!! Thank you so much for offering these amazing night helpers. Blessings to you" ~ M

"I received the package, and it was the most intense orgone experience I've had up to now, amazing! Blocked energy is on the move finally, and I am currently integrating it. I am more aware, more in touch. My sense of smell has really improved in this time, I notice, I can feel my spine, and my shoulders are more in place.  I am so grateful for your help, and am consistently amazed by orgone." X X

The orgone goodies you make are really, really special, and such powerful tools." ~M

Thank you for your beautiful orgone pendants.The first night I received them I meditate with the "confidence orgone pendant" and the "peace and relaxation orgone pendant"
I followed the instructions on your website regarding the affirmations and touching the chakras.  I had two amazing dreams in which I had lots of confidence in myself.
The next day at work I had my Confidence pendant with me. I am usually shy and I  become intimidated easily when I have strong , rich customers with taugh attitude at my table game. The strange thing is that I dealt the game smooth and calm, no emotions. His bad vibes (because he lost money) did not affect my mood.
Last night I worked with the Shaman Vision orgone pendant. I felt like a vibrating light inside, pulsating up and down my body. I slept with the pendant on , and I had my mini-orgone dream enhancer under my pillow. 
I had a dream that I am a beautiful tree with healthy leaves. I could see my crown aura in the dream. Was a pure, bright yellow light , right on top of the tree. I'm not sure about the meaning of my dream but I woke up smiling, full of energy.
I believe that each of the orgone pendant has it's own unique energy and has an activating, clearing power when placed on various chakras. Thank you again, I will give special attention to my orgone pendants. I will make them part of me. "
Monica S.


I received the goodies yesterday. :) I am wearing the pendant and I slept with the foot orgone pieces near my feet. I saw the most beautiful colors via my third eye while practicing Yoga this morning, it was wonderful. Thank you so much for putting your energy and high vibrations in these pieces. I have learned SO MUCH in such a short time from your wonderful site, and am so inspired.
All of those possible trips sound amazing, and I would love to go. It would be an honor to go with all of you on such a journey. ~Megan, Germany"

"I have been using your protection orgone pendant for a month or so now, and it is amazing what has been released in the meantime. Much
old fears from previous lives are forced to the surface in order to be cleansed. You are right, this pendant is truly effective in terms of
balancing fearful energies
, in my experience. I want to thank you for that." ~ Marinus

" Thank you so much for all the items that you sent. I’m enjoying my feet chakra balancers for a month now. They are really amazing! I saw incredible results on my skin. My face is brighter and the circles around my eyes have disappeared.

I’m also using my clairvoyance orgone pendant regularly. I keep it under my pillow at night and I go to sleep with a question in my mind. I see or hear the answer just before I fall asleep. Amazing :) ~ A"

"I got a healing pendant from you and began wearing it the day I received it April 16th. I have experienced a wave of healing but I  want to experience more. This has been an interesting experience for me. The reason for my note-will you please suggest a product from your website that will allow me to experience MORE. This product / energy is wonderful-ly addictive. I thank God and thank you for this product. LR" ~~(suggestion: feet chakra balancers -orgone)"

"The scent of the heart (love) orgone pendant has a very powerful affect on my heart chakra. It travels from my nose directly to my heart in an instant ... in the arms of universal love. ~A

"I love my new orgone friends. I felt the heat on my feet the first night I put them (feet chakra balancers - orgone) on and I've been sleeping very good for a solid week now. Also I feel really good about being protected with the pendant as well.  Thanks alot for your great expertise. Love, John"

"I noticed two really interesting things since using the orgone chakra balancers. 1)while meditating, I went astrally to the general area I gifted with the orgone mini you sent, and I was so AWARE. 2) I found I can directly create the atmosphere while teaching, in the room. I had a group of three very kind and lovely ladies, and felt we together had made such an atmosphere of GRACE, and I could facilitate it with my teaching. They said afterward they learned so much. That was just what I aimed for (that they learn a lot and felt good afterwards, confident in their abilities). It's all getting better and better everyday. Thank you for being a friend and guiding light along this path!! ~M"

"I do psychic healing work and the clairvoyance orgone pendant is a powerful addition to my work, I am so pleasantly surprised with the accuracy of my visions when I wear the pendant! wow! thank you ~ xx"

"I wore (abundance and prosperity orgone pendant) it to my class and facilitator doing abundance work on me said the pendant was amplifying the abundance energy! ;) ~ V"

"I have received the package. I had time after work tonight to unpack, and wow! I don’t know if it was the cone or the water, but instantly my whole body was vibrating as I unpacked it. All the pains and aches of working for 9 hours instantly went away! I work at a restaurant and I typically deal with almost 100 people, i know i sometimes exchange negative or draining energy from people, and bring it home with me at night, and then meditate to get rid of it. I felt soo great. Definitely looking forward in getting more stuff, especially the chakras stuff when I return. Warmest Regards. A"

"Since using the foot chakra set and having the pendant (orgone), I feel more protected and in the "light" during my waking hours, more aware, more concentrated, I can feel it if interference or outside negativity comes, I can reaffirm the life force and have less disturbances in my aura. It's great ~ M"

I received the Protection Pendant today, and this is helping me to concentrate and focus like nothing else. Amazing!! THANK YOU THANK YOU! Megan"

"In the past, I have never been sensitive to the energies of similar tools. Yet as I received my first order a love (orgone) pendant from you well, just unwrapping it placed me in a state of calm\peace and the more I placed my focused intent on it, I could feel my heart center reacting to it. Of course, this experience is only relevant to my own soul purpose yet I was pleasantly surprised because of previous experiences. There are other products coming forth from you and am excited to share these with others as an extension of your service. With much Love and Light, Aaron"

I have been wearing the happy feet balancers every night since I received them. I could feel right away they were powerful little fellows. At first I wore them a couple of hours during the day when I got them and they totally knocked me out. I was sleeping for hours the next day. Served me right as they are nightworkers... but I am a curious kitten.
There were also something interesting that happened in the beginning. As I had them in my hands I could see a flickering light enter through the window for a second. Even my dog reacted at the same time, looked at the same direction and started to bark. Then when I wore them under my feet during the first night, I had a vision of a small spiral as it moved upwards and outwards from my bed out through the window. I saw it from above, outside the house like a streaming spiral. I don’t know what these things means or if I was just imagining, but it was curious.

My legs don't hurt as much when I walk. They feel much better. Before I got the happy feet balancers my legs were in a bad shape. 50% of the pain is gone, or more. Last night I actually forgot to wear them for the first time. Of course then it was a night of disturbance. As I remembered them early in the morning I put them on and a couple of hours later I felt a pain in my right foot as if something were dragged out. I could also sense it in the right kidney. I will continue to wear them the 21 days and then my fiancée want to try them for 21 days. I have a question. Do I need to clean the happy feet balancers in a special way, in salt water or anything, and can they be worn by anyone else with the same positive effect? I am very pleased with these beautiful little fellows and they are working their little hearts out here, doing a great job. Thank you so much again for sending them. I love them. Take good care and blessings to you. ~Love from Angelica Sweden

 I received my first two orgone pendants yesterday!   WOW!  I could not believe the strength of the energy produced by the pendants!  I was really affected (in a good way :) )  as I opened the package!  I felt this rush of energy go thru me, and was light headed to say the least!  I LOVE both of them,  the energy is so different in each one!  The Shaman pendant makes me feel like I am lifting off the ground!   Both of the energies are too strong to wear for very long right now, but I did put the Protection Pendant to use already!  We are having a run of really bad weather here, and some horrendous thunderstorms were threatening!  I got the idea to hang the protection pendant outside on my patio, which overlooks my ranch.  The oddest thing happened!  The pendant positioned itself to face the oncoming storm, and stayed that way, even though the wind was blowing really hard and it should have been swinging around like crazy!  A huge storm cell that appeared to be  heading straight for us, actually changed its course and missed us!  Could it have been the pendant?  Or just luck??  I choose to think the pendant helped!! 
Thank you!!  Dee

Just to let you know that the Feet Chakra Balancers arrived safe and sound.  When I first opened the package, I held them in my palms and felt a definate pulsing in both hands in response to holding them.  I've now had them on my feet for 2 nights with the first night being rather strange.   I had to keep getting up to pee.  This is certainly unusual for me especially as I hadnt drunk anything at least an hour prior to going to bed.  Following my first night, yesterday was a rather happy day and I felt that I was above all the mundane negative vibes around my work place.  It was refreshing.  I definately had more energy too.
I also use them to place under my feet when I do my morning visualisation exercise which will hopefully keep me grounded for the day.
Thanks again, Leisa S"

"Thank you! I received the shaman pendant yesterday, it is a masterpiece in many ways.  - serg, California"

Since I was a child I have nightmares as often as once a week. Since I have been using feet chakra balancers nightmares stopped. One night something made me take them off and after that I had a nightmare. ~ M"

"My girlfriend's clairvoyance pendant is doing wonders for her. So I envy her :) And I want a pendant, too. Since my work is about creativity, (I'm a composer), what would be suitable? I'm also keen on seeing aura. I thought of chakra system orgone pendant could be good, it must be a general purpose pendant. (Probably all pendants must be great for anything I guess) What is your opinion? ~ B"

"The confidence pendant I bought has been doing wonders. I've been able to go longer in conversations with people that normally unsettle my stomach without issue. I had the confidence to ask my boss for more hours at work and get a good result, and I'm now able to say though I've hit other snags along this path I'm no longer afraid to start my own business or enter contests in the hopes of having more money turn up, results pending on winning, but having the confidence to enter that's it's own change ~ XX"


Those orgones pack a serious root-down punch! I did as you suggested and placed them under my feet for about twenty minutes, but first I held them in my hands and noticed some mid-level temperature shifts and a comforting sense of being pulled in the 'right' direction. Root down! When I closed my eyes, while they were under the soles of my feet, I got an interesting visual of the gemstones swirling within the the orgone. :) I had so much fun with that! Hillary- California"

"Thank you for sending the feet chakra balancers out so quickly! While I didn't receive an immediate and strong chakra whirl like I did when I opened the package holding the heart chakra pendant, I did pick up on their personality--they are beautiful, grounded in who and what they are and give off the sense that they are powerful workers! The first night, I simply placed them under my feet for about twenty minutes while I read and meditated. It wasn't a particularly focused meditation, but I received a beautiful vision of the gemstones swirling within the orgone. The next morning, I was amazed by my bowel movement! It was similar to experiences I've had with strong cleanses. I felt an increase in energy and joy."

"I've slept with them in my socks for two night now and will do so for the next 21 days, as you suggested. The biggest shift I've noticed in this short time, is the response I'm getting from people I interact with. They look at me like I just fell off a shooting star. I love that! Being me is becoming a much richer and more well rounded experience."

" I love my chakra + foot orgones, I can sleep NOW - it is so amazing! Anne M"

"When I first put it on (orgone healing pendant) it was like a hug. When I touch it I get a nice warm feeling. OMG! Amazing.... Thank you so much for helping me. ~ A.H.

I am so amazed at how good I feel wearing the (chakra system orgone) pendant and zapper." ~ Laurie L

I'm happy to report, after using the pendant for just a few hours, im feeling stronger and better, I did five, tarot / psychic readings without interference. I have been for years searching as I also know about negative and dark entities attaching and entering through the feet. this has been my problem for many years and i have been horribly attacked by both dark and earthbound entities. this is helping and i have only just put it on. S"

"Hello and thank you! My confidence orgonite pendant is working beautifully and my emotions are steadily climbing towards balance and harmony. I'm curious about your feet Chakra Balancers. CB"

"You never cease to amaze me... This pendant (shaman vision orgone pendant) is beautiful. I woke up in a good mood today, and I guess this was why. I sort of had a feeling I'd be receiving this gift today. Funny how that happens with the stuff you send me...I'd like you to know, a cool thing happened to me the night I ordered the pendant. Earlier in the day, I had spent a little time reading about the K... an Indigenous group who're known to practice Shamanism. Later that night, after being compelled to order the pendant, I had a brief, interesting encounter with a women of "native" descent in my dream (which I didn't remember until I was suddenly reminded the next evening). The encounter was quick, and no words were exchanged, but I thought it was interesting to see & feel her presence in my dream. I plan on using this wonderful gift you just sent me to remind myself to "stay on the right spiritual road".
I would also like you to know that I envy you a bit after reading about your trip to South America (Peru). Not just the fact that you were able to visit those sacred places (my spirit always gets excited when I see a picture or video of Machu Picchu), but also because you were able to experience Ayahuasca. Thank you for this"

"Hi, I just received my pendant. I love it, I love it!!! It feels amazing and I can really feel it and WOW! My Goodness is so powerful, it's perfect, I love it! Thank you so much for doing this work! S B"

"Wow! Wow! ...I received your package last night and when I unwrapped the orgone...Boom! A direct swirling in the heart chakra. And it brought such a huge smile to my face :) Every time I see this orgone or think about it...I'm just totally tickled and bubbly. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!" H. M.

"The Orgone Pendants I got are wonderful ~ my dreams clear and purposeful" M.W.

We received your Orgone prosperity pendant day before yesterday. It is so lovely. Imediately opening up the package you could instantly feel the energy coming off of it. I look forward to working with & trying more of your products. Thank you again. Y T

Thanks for your pendant. I gifted it to my girlfriend. She told me that it helps her to stay more peaceful and positive. i want a same pendant for me. Your pendant gave me very impressive feelings. I have never felt like this before. I was thrilled, and my intuition expanded. At first, when i heard a song that i liked, i felt that my heart and especially the crown were vibrating. I became excited and then i started to notice it's effects the second day. I will try to describe the feelings to you with words : powerful and smooth, a lot of ups and downs, psychic awareness, clarity, connection with my higher self, psychic protection and a sense that i was discovering the hiddens powers of my mind. The second day, i went to a rock club, that had very negative atmosphere and music and i felt that this couldn't touch me at all, i had a goot time in the end. I always was listening to rock music but, not so extreme and violent. I still have these strange feelings that this pendant left me sometimes, and i have the sense that some powers of me expanded, but i lost the source of all these. When I gave this pendant to my girlfriend, i felt sad, but i had to do it, in order to help her. She has to survive and live.
The first pendant that you made for me, I gifted to my mother, and she loves it. She didn't believe all this, until she wore it. She knows that this energy is true and it helps her a lot. But the pendant that you made for my ex-girlfriend, made me thrilled, i don't know why." ~ K

I just got the pendant in the mail.  Although I have not worn it to work yet, I could feel it immediately.  The soul retrieval work I had been doing has removed the barier that as a man I had built to shield myself from my feelings.  I am in fact highly empathic and everything that I had held back over many years had been coming back to the surface.  Wearing this pendant has really helped to balance things out.  I had not been aware of this when I first made the order.  So thank you. Pat

The pendants are amazing. They do exactly what they are intended to do.
- Ken

Thank you very much for the pendant.  Its helping me a lot. I feel much better now and relaxed. God bless you! :) Maricris - Phillipines

I am very grateful to have my beautiful pendant.  Thank you so much for creating it for me and for the list of what you included.  I did extensive research on each element and am absolutely amazed and impressed by the care you took to make this powerful healer.  I was so excited when I received it and I immediately felt a deep connection to it (it resonates a very loving and peaceful energy).  I have used it on my hand for carpal tunnel, have used it for a cord removal and have meditated with it on various Chakras since I have received it.  I feel so much better emotionally and physically in such a short time.  I feel like a dark foggy cloud has been lifted from me.  I am happier and more at peace and am finally able to meditate without my mind wandering all over the place.  I wear it all the time (around my neck – it sits directly on my heart Chakra there!).  I have already had people asking me what it is and how they can get one.  One lady said she was “drawn to it”.  I searched all over the internet for the “perfect” Orgonite and after a couple of hours I found your site and immediately KNEW “this is it!”  My husband is not at all in tune with energy or anything like it but he smiled and said it is very nice when he held it.  He also loves the way it smells (I do too).  I am most curious to see how it will affect my finances since you included a lot of very lucky money elements!  Thank you so much for doing that.  You are a blessing to others and a gift to this earth.  Keep up the good work. Much love and tons of blessings to you, Lila

" I received your pendants for my Birthday and they are fantastic. I wear my personal pendant everyday and I love it, and it has already helped me transform my thoughts and intentions and only good things have happened since I have received them. My 24th year has been fantastic and will only get better, and your pendants have helped me with that big time. But I was wondering if you could tell me specifically what is in my personal pendant, why you made it that way and which crystals/stones. Also if you could specify on my orgone cone you sent to my parents and the third eye pendant. I'm extremely curious because it works so well and I love it. It never leaves me. You are great, and your products are wonderful. Many blessings, Pete

"Do you know what ! Your Wonderful, and guess what ? I received my Pendants today, I’ve got to say it was very exciting, I never get excited about parcels and I’m an EBay fanatic but the USA airmail really done it for me. I washed my hands, carefully opened the package and opened one pendant at a time, I saw your business card ( Very Nice ). I’m not sure whether it’s your natural smell or how you’ve made the Orgone but if heaven had a scent it would smell what I did. I’ll be honest I was very impressed with the Pendants, very fascinating to look at but I’m not very susceptible to energy so I could only appreciate the physical aspect of them. I’ll tell you something though, I went to the Gymnasium today and my I’ve never been stronger. I would like to just sincerely thank you for creating these for me." Jonathan, UK

"Ok I had the Intuition Pendant under my pillow and the Special one on my Neck, I just couldn’t sleep, I was really hot and I saw 3 quick flashes of light in my room very strange. All the negative people around me either change & it feels like they just can’t have any effect on me ? My Aura is 100% different so much stronger. I don’t want to sound vane and self orientated but women seemed much more attracted to me ? Iis that expected? ~ X X

"Got our pendants today, and love them. Mom's knee had been hurting and within a few minutes the pain was gone! They're hard to put down, actually... Everyone asked about the pendant today. Best, G

"My personal pendant truly is amazing. And thank you for giving me more information. I looked them all up and those are the exact properties I want. No wonder it works so well. Thank you again, Pete

"Your artwork arrived last Wednesday. It is a fine piece of orgone, if I may say so. I sat Wednesday with the [Protection from ghosts and earthbound spirits orgone tool] over my solar plexus, and yawned a lot for a few minutes. The effect was almost immediate...Overall, the improvement is significant. And the GB is indeed a great tool.  I also love the vibe of your pendant – and it looks beautiful..Keep up the good work!  I’m happy to have met you! LOVE your orgone. Namaste~G"

"Your orgone pendant for my mother is wonderful. It has decreased alot of pain and stress. Whenever she has a piercing pain on her body, I place the orgone on that spot and chant the mantras I have recieved from Yasmin, and minutes later, the pain is gone." A

Thanks for creating such interesting products. My dream recall is improved with this little dream enhancer. I've just ordered "Clairvoyance Orgone Pendant" too. Regards, D.N.

I wanted to thank you for the dolphin elixir and the pendant.  They are so powerful!  I've been feeling my blowhole chakra activating a lot lately.  The elixir helps it to open up instantly.  When I rub it in that area on my head, it just starts spinning and opening.  It's really amazing.  M.S.

Wow!  That is awesome.  Thanks for taking the time to give it special meaning for me.  I will cherish the pendant and hope it sends some good things back your way. Very cool.

Thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!! I got your package today (dolphin pendant and elixir) and I love it sooo much, its my favourite so far, and I loved the others when I got them!!
I am so excited I will be wearing it all the time! what would I do without you, all the unique gifts that keep giving keep coming to me, noone else could make me this happy as you with the gifts I receive I am truly happy for all the amazing energies that you have sent to me that are so beautiful sitting in my home, I love it I really do, I canot believe the work that went in it its so unique! and so perfectly made. I don't know how you do it!!

"Thank you for your help.  My friend has recently bought one of your pendants and she tells me her psychic abilities have already opened up for herShe has had the pendant less than a week!  Impressive indeed, but then so is my friend. Thanks again" L

Since i received the abundance orgone cone many opportunities opened up for me. I love it! Thank you, X X

"What I see with my new tools is that they  put up a protective field that is more than for tower stuff. I saw golden streams of light shooting up from them and I feel something of substance around me it feels warm and safe. Anne"

...However, that's not the only life changing experience I've had with the stuff you've sent me. Not long after receiving the orgone chakra balancers, I meditated with them... It was quite a ride. I have to admit it felt as if someone was helping me along the way, pushing me to do what I needed to do. Needless to say, the next day I felt refreshed (thanks to your chakra balancers), but I also felt like there was a positive buzz coming off of me, and no one could do anything to change that positivity.
You've provided me with information and tools that I need to help myself evolve, and I don't think I could ever re-pay you guys for that. T.L.

I'll be damned.....these waves of joy and happiness for no reason have been washing over took me meditating to realize why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I do feel that the pendant unraveled/is still clearing some paternal and maternal generational hexes and curses, i have been attracting some new clients into my life who are helping me, and i feel blessed.
Another perk is that, when something did come last night and today several times ( this is rather unusual to have it all happen so close) i was able to banish it easily, and actually feel it leave and be repelled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks for all you do, X

My package arrived safely yesterday. I´m wearing my new pendant rigth now and the pyramid I keep beside my bed. Thanks for the little extra orgone machine. I really liked the fragrance the parcel had when I opened it! Quite lovely!All the best!

My husband recently purchased one of these orgone pendants for me for my birthday and I want so badly to return the favor. Its not only helpful and makes me feel safe it's beautiful as well. I just want something I know will keep him safe all the time as well as when I can't be around to be his extra eyes. You're a wonderful woman and a life saver more then you know...Thanks again, Sam

I received my pendant today. Thank you so much, it is beautiful... beautiful to look at and to experience it's great energy. Thank you again for helping me to get back on track! peace and light Scott

 I haven't taken my pendant off since I was blessed with it.... Mike G, California

Just writing to let you know that I recieved the pendant today. I have to say, not only did I feel funny when I held the package, but I also noticed a clean, sweet smell coming from the pendant when I opened it. I'm also curious to know what gems you put in it. Is that Lapis I see? Anyhow, thanks for making me my own special gift. I've got a new friend to meditate with now. I felt a fuzzy, invigorating, inspiring, and vibratory feeling when I put it on. Wow.....feels nice . I can see you put some time and effort into these things. Seems durable, which is a good thing because I plan on taking it with me everywhere I go! Again, thanks for the enlightenment. You guys have my support. Maybe we'll meet up when the time is right. Until then...Wishing you Peace & Light,

Hope this finds you and your family well. I have a great testimony regarding my orgone pendant that you made especially for me. However, my pendant fell and hit the tiled floor and broke in pieces. If I send it to you, can it be repaired or should I just order another one. I also misplaced the website where I ordered the chakra balancers and
my pendant. You will remember me by the young cow who was missing in two weeks of very cold weather and you helped us pray her home. Hooray!

The testimony about my pendant is that I fell on the ice last winter and had horrible pain in my lower back and hip for six months. We did much prayer, chiropractic, cold laser, massage and everything I could think of. Finally, a sensitive friend who was praying for me saw an energy blockage in the area of the base chakra and a bit of the next one up.
When he said that, I felt that I should tape the pendant you made for me on my hip bone. Within 24 hours I had wonderful results, and was thanking the Creator fervently. That hip which had been so sore to the touch had been getting worse. Now suddenly overnight, the deep soreness which was like a 6" ball in the left hip joint was greatly
relieved about 70% and by 48 hrs. it was gone from the hip joint area. My lower back is still hurting but not nearly as it was -- also reduced 70%. My legs don't hurt now either. AMAZING RESULTS.
The bad news is that while in the bathroom, the pendant dropped and hit the hard tile shattering off chunks of it, leaving sharp edges. I taped on my other pendant which another wonderful lady had made, but I really want to have another one made by you. What should I do? Send it to you to repair, or just replace it?

Thanks Great results, huh?

I received the orgone pendant, thanks so much it is beautiful. Are those amethyst in front, i see others in back but do not know too much about crystals though I have started to collect them. I feel very calm and centered wearing it. I forgot to note besides wanting to improve concentration and protection I also have anxiety and after I put it on it subsided. The little things and emotions of others I notice do not affect me as much since wearing it today. Thanks so much!!!
Blessings and light, XX

I wanted to thank you for making that protector pendant for my brother. He's familiar with orgone devices. I gave him one of those big pyramids that xxxx from xxxxxxxxxx made quite a while ago, and when he picked up the pendant you made him he was amazed at how powerful it was. He remarked how it felt far more powerful than the big pyramid. He seems to be quite a bit more sensitive than I am.

I got them, right on my birthday. It's beautiful and very energizing. Let me ask you something, could dogs respond to this? I have 2 female puppies and they are less hyperactive/more calm since I received the orgone pendants and mini generator.
Blessings! Mirylsa

"Last time i ordered the pendants, i was was really sick with tonsilitis with my throat nearly closing up, the day they came it was really bad and could barely swallow water. The night i received them i had a dream of someone helping me by using the pendant to heal me. within 36 hours i was fine. just like to say thank you." ~ Ben

"I would love to order one of your unique healing pendants after excellent feedback from a friend" ~SST

"Hi, I did recieve my pendant (stability orgone pendant) yesterday (saturday) and the vibrations are very encouraging. My kids enjoy wearing it and holding it. My two year old says "bzzzt" when he touches it to himself. I've been traveling a rocky road here recently and I know this will be a great assistence on the road ahead. After making my orgonne(2 batches) and gifting some places I became intensly ill for like 3 days. There is a severe respiratory illness in this area currently and HEAVY plane spraying. I feel better now wearing the pendant, my mind feels clearer and I feel more centered. It makes me feel very calm yet very energetic. I used to feel peoples energy's in a busy area like a breeze. Today at two busy stores it felt like I was swimming through energy like water. Very cool but I need to adjust to this still, it was kind of loud. Thank you so much for the pendant I can certainly feel love, peace and stability eminating from it. Your right about the balance between intuition and thinking. You make a powerful tool sculptor."~ben

"I have received the Orgone chakra balancers, they are nice and relaxing. Thank you!
Very nice also the Abundance and Prosperity Orgone Coin, thank you very much! good gift. ~ J.I.

I received my new pendant and instantly welcomed it, and put it on. Within 20 minutes, that sweet incense smell began and increased so that the fragrance was wafting up to me from under my T-shirt. I had experienced this with the chakra balancers before, but never with a pendant before. Now this one soothes with its sweet smell every day. It is wonderful to wear this as the world shifts, changes, a loved one has crossed over, another friend has moved on, and all the passages of life. THANK YOU FOR THIS LATEST PENDANT. ~ Teresa

"I purchased one of your orgone healing pendants back in November. Even tough my wife doesn't wear, she carries in her bag all the time. Since then, elimination of some negative people around us occurred. And, I found a better job recently. Our regular pray and positive affirmations also take place. I cannot thank you enough for your good work. Ibrahim"

"Thank you for sending me the orgone healing pendant so quickly. I appreciate the positive energy you put into it. I felt a relaxing state of peace when I woke up today. I was calm and made myself a healthy breakfast, which I haven't done for a long time. I felt like the pendant you made for me had arrived, so I checked the mailbox, and sure enough it was there. As soon as I held the pendant and looked at it, a pure smile came upon me. I feel more balanced and calm now.
Thank you for helping me. I won't forget you. Peace and Love,

"Just wanted to let you know, the love orgone pendant you made for me helped me find my soulmate. I am deeply grateful. S.S. "
"Thanks for the pendant, it has definitely been of a benefit for my vertigo. Last night I decided to place in on my forehead and meditate and found myself recalling different events from my childhood which perhaps needed closure, pretty interesting stuff. Thanks, Rob"
"WOW! I'm speechless. Thank you for this beautiful present. You guys have immensely changed my life. Any word on when you'll have the other Orgone gifts up on your page? I'm not done donating...Tommy"

"The Abundance and Prosperity Orgone Cone is very strong, mesmerising. when I look at, it draws me inside a portal that opens to another dimmension.
The cone is so strong, I put it on my lap while I was opening it and it felt hot, wow! I am wearing the pendant right now. They are beautiful, thank you." ~ Anne

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