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Grid Your Property Orgone set


Energies are transmitted at frequencies invisible to the naked eye.

Place the mini orgone protectors inside or outside (on all 4 corners) of your property to deflect any negative energies and for property protection and well-being.



Orgone Protectors are a powerful orgone (life energy) blessings designed to help:

protect against harmful unseen energies, blocking intrusive vibrations
* counteract environment and personal pollution
connect to the divine protection
* ground spiritual energies
* protect from other people negativities

* cleanse negative energies
, replacing them with loving energies
* increase well-being
* bring optimism
bring peace of mind

The essential oils, gemstones magickal elixirs, herbs chosen for this mini orgone protector hold a very powerful vibration of protection.
The gemstones selected for this protector will help open you up to unconditional love and peace, overcoming negative thoughts and attitudes.
The Solffegio frequencies infused in this protector help dissolve negative blocks at cellular level, non beneficial frequencies, memories and suggestions, readjusting them, opening you up to the flow of positive vibrations.
The water used for the protector is strongly charged, keeping the protection frequencies active.

Protection affirmations:
I live in a protected and safe environment.
God protects me every day, in every way.
I feel safe and protected. I am divinely protected and guided.
I am surrounded by peace. I am loved.
I am in control at all times.
I am surrounded by a powerful circle of Divine Substance that protects and strengthens me.

Trust and have faith that you are always protected.


Grid Your Property Orgone Set


May the mini orgone protectors keep you property always protected.


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