STAR ~ New Code Information of Light ~ Sacred Ascension~
STAR Orgone Pendant (5 pointed star)
New Light Code for Ascension ~


When we Awaken the ***Star*** within we awaken the Consciousness ~

Our entire planet goes through a profound transformation.
We receive New Codes of LIGHT from the beings of light (star nations).

5 pointed STAR is the new code of light that we are supposed to work with during our ascension process.

The 5 pointed STAR symbolizes unity of mankind with the Earth and the realm of the spirit.

Soul is craving Spiritual Awakening. Spiritual evolution happens in layers.
The Star Orgone Pendant assists with activating the layers of Spiritual Awakening.

Regardless where you are on your evolutionary path, the pendant will help awaken new spiritual insights and upgrade you to new levels of consciousness.

Spirits looks like stars. There is Spirit in everything.

The Star Orgone Pendant assist with the process of awakening your star origin and your gifts and like other stars in Cosmos, shine bright for humanity during these extraordinary times.

The power of the Star Pendant can work miracles, keeping you safe.
It amplifies the safety energy field around you.

The Orgone Pendant stimulates the communications between brothers and sisters from other stars to communicate with humans.
It provides transfer of information and light codes from the star people.
It brings to the surface long time hidden sacred knowledge from ancient civilizations.

Star Orgone Pendant
Approx dimensions: diameter 1 7/8''

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STAR Orgone Pendant
is a powerful orgone (life energy)
blessing designed to help:

* channel and activate NEW information and Light Codes
* unite Heavens and Earth within for Spiritual Advancement
* amplify healing energies and tapping into advanced healing modalities

* establish connection with Earth and grounding the NEW information into the physical body
* adjust with the New Light energies that are coming to earth
* provide gentle releases of emotional blocks
* see the bigger picture to discover your purpose
* break free from the past and take necessary steps to make changes in your life
* encourage positive synchronicities
* with ascension into higher states of awareness, preparing the physical and light body for 5th dimensional living
* expands intuition and psychic awareness

Read HERE how this pendant came into creation.

Granite from the oceans
I was guided to walk on the beach in Thailand and pick up a particular granite piece which is a stone of transmission.
The stones is vibrating in the pendant via a gem elixir which keeps the vibration of the pendant alive.

Sand Dollar Animal Power
The back of the pendant has the ancient “sand dollar” which reminds us of sacred knowledge and our origin.
(Read more about Sand Dollar Animal Power/Totem)

Sand Dollar Pendant


Along with high quality of gemstones and crystals, sacred geometry symbols, sand dollar shells
from our sacred journey in Thailand and Cambodia, the Star Orgone Pendant is infused with high vibrations,
prayers, new light codes, blessings, combo of energized charged water from sacred locations
around the world, essential oils, sacred resins and most of all with powerful blessings from the Star Nations.

What people say about the STAR Orgone Pendant

"Dear Lilly, I want to tell you how much I love this STAR pendant.
It is just as calming, empowering and gives me as much of a feeling of security as the
lovely unique healing pendant you created for me. It is so uplifting.
Thank you so much, Rona

"The Star Orgone Pendant is a blessing.
I got chills when I think of the STAR symbol of the pendant.
I see golden light emanating from the pendant and it has very powerful energy. X.X. "



During the entire Process of Star Orgone Pendant Creation, powerful activation and light information has surfaced
to further assist with receiving the NEW information from the Star Nations.
It is in form of activation via 2 guided audio downloads.

They both use special effects to impress upon subconscious/conscious mind as well as both hemispheres of the brain.

5 Pointed 'Star of Light' Meditation/Activation ~ Powerful Life Force Generating
The 5 pointed star is the vehicle that allows the information to be received by humanity.
5 pointed Star Guided Meditation is a gift from Spirit to awaken your star origin and gifts and
like other stars in Cosmos and shine bright for humanity during these extraordinary times.

Balance of the 4 Elements
It is crucial during these times to go back to the roots and work with the 4 ancient elements.
Spirit urges us to balance the elements so we can always be protected, safe, in harmony and peace.
The balance of the 4 elements will open up new infinite possibilities because it leads to wisdom,
understanding and mastery of your own energies.

Light STAR Affirmations:

Stars exist, I exist.
I am a bright STAR of Love and Light. I am that I am.
I am whole, I am the perfect STAR.

Although it is not necessary, use this Technique when you put the Star Orgone Pendant on.

How to use the Star Orgone Pendant

When you put this pendant on spend only a few seconds doing this very simple technique:
Stand with feet wide apart and open your wide to the sides, shoulder level.
Now bring awareness and focus on the 5 main points of energy (5 star points):
Middle of your head (inside brain), middle of palms (healing hand chakras) and
middle of your feet (grounding/earthing feet chakras).

After that focus on your heart where you star pendant is and set the intentions
to receive the Mysteries of the Universe, to be protected and in alignment with
your Higher Self or whatever your intention might be.

Breathe calmly for a few more seconds and then bring palms together in Namaste position
and thank the Great Source/God/Universe for everything in your life.

If you want to activate the star, the center of the brain, and the rest of the points of the STAR
we strongly suggest to get the
5 Pointed 'Star of Light' Meditation/Activation which activates you on deeper levels.

STAR Orgone Pendant - Not Available

May you be a pure STAR of radiating light in the World. ...


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