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Mini-Orgone Dream Enhancer


As the visible world is nourished by the invisible, humanity can be sustained and preserved by the lovely visions of dreamers" ~ Melody - "Love is in the Earth"

Psychic mind is at work when we sleep, dream and meditate.

It is our direct connection with Nature.

Dreams were used by ancestors to see what has to come.

Understanding our dreams are important to understand what is going on in our life.

The key is to remember those dreams lovingly during our sleep.

Place the mini orgone dream enhancer under your pillow at night for restful sleep,
to remember dreams to attract guardian angels.

Approx dimensions: diameter 1 7/8''

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Mini-Orgone Dream Enhancer is a powerful orgone (life energy) blessing designed to help:

induce psychic, healing and prophetic dreams
* enhance spiritual consciousness
* visualize and materialize

* assist in a restful sleep
, promoting calmness and clarity
* remember dreams and promote dream solving
facilitate contact with angelic realms

* aid meditation and visualization
trust the insight received
* maximize creativity
* to calm nervous system

The essential oils and herbs chosen for this
Mini-Orgone Dream Enhancer help to induce psychic dreams.
The combination of gemstones selected for this pendant helps you to reach into the psychic realms of dreaming opening you up to new possibilities.
The Solfegio frequencies infused in this Dream Enhancer help dissolve psychic blocks at cellular level, non beneficial frequencies, memories and suggestions, readjusting them, opening you up to receive insight.
The water used for the dream enhancer is strongly charged, keeping the intuition and psychic abilities frequencies active.

Dream Affirmations:

My dreams are spiritual, healing and positive.
I remember my dreams with clarity.
I receive guidance while dreaming.
I am inspired by my dreams.
Dreams manifest my desires.
I understand all the messages in my my dreams.

Set a clear intention before falling asleep.
Place your
Mini-Orgone Dream Enhancer under your pillow prior to sleep to reinforce its effects.

Carry the mini orgone dream enhancer around with you for the next few days with the intention in your mind,
then leave it home, place it in a safe place and then forget about it.
Taking a rest from intentions now will let the third eye (brow) center to watch for new patterns
which will give you solutions.
Repeat the process with other intentions.


What people have to say about the Dream Orgone Enhancer

"I never take my clairvoyance orgone pendant off and your nighttime (dream enhancer)
one under my pillow (with the aid of diet change and meditation)
has helped completely cured my narcolepsy so that i have been off of adderall for a year now.
Totally baffled my doctors that narcolepsy could be cured lol

My medical story with orgone goes way further than just narcolepsy but it’s kind of a long story!
I’ve tried other people's orgone but yours vibrates WAY more than the others I’ve tried.
The energy that radiates from your pieces is incredible!

I think I may have you make me a custom one when I do so that you can put healing intentions
in it for my nerve pains (from numerous spinal cord surgeries) in my legs.
Thanks for all your hard work, you are doing the world a service :) light and love!" Christina A. S.


"The mini-dream enhancer has left me sleeping better and feeling better when I wake up. I'm frequently waking up with either dreams still floating in my head, or just the since I had a dream the night before (which on it's own is an big improvement for me). I've tried all sorts of methods for a better nights sleep, from medication, to teas, to altering my brainwaves with audio both for sleep and for assisting in meditation. So far the only thing that helped before this was white noise and even that was really limited help by comparison." X X (This product was purchased together with the feet chakra balancers)

Mini-Orgone Dream Enhancer Not Available

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