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The Energy of Money


Evil Money vs Spiritual Money

I remember my first time in Las Vegas when I saw all the flashy buildings, amazing lights, large advertising, tons of colors and so so much abundance I was mesmerized! Not for long though...

Everything was fancy, trendy, super exhilarating, fun and so on… but in the middle of this super experience I was having, my heart started to cry. I started having visuals of those starved big bloated belly African kids.
I got sick for a moment, something was not right, I was trying to enjoy the present moment but the image of starving kids kept hunting me.
So my crying heart asked God: WHY? Why some people have it all, more then they will ever need, while others cannot afford a meal a day? It’s just not right! Even when I tap into that vibration I have tears in my eyes.

So for quite some time I was trying to understand and make peace with myself regarding the vibrations of money.

I, like other sensitive and spiritual people held the vibration of money being evil, so I tried to change that. I listened to what wise abundance teachers had to say and felt it was not satisfying; although I changed my perspective of thinking that ‘money is evil’. I remember of being sick when holding money. I could feel the negative aura of money. It was a programmed belief accumulated from previous lives that money was evil. After have done a lot of work on myself I came to the conclusion that a healthy approach is needed to heal the energy of money (personal as well as masses also called ‘tribal’) transforming it into the highest, purest form of energy coming directly from the source – the spiritual energy of money.

Just imagine the corporate world operating from the heart center, the center of compassion instead of acting out of greed. If we heal our own money issues, then we can raise the vibrations of planet’s money vibration.

How can we do that?

Well, one method that I suggest is by healing the negative thought forms about money that are floating in the universe by replacing them with good thoughts, giving gratitude after each money healing work.
If the vibration of ‘money’ is shifted to a higher vibration, it encourages that money is being used for a higher good for selves and others, used in ethical ways.

Now think about a large group of people being attuned to the energy of high vibrations of money doing good and helping the starved African kids by teaching them useful skills, helping to build waterwheels in their countries and so on...

I can see it already happening as more people use the principle of mindful wealth. Whenever you think money whatever currency you want to envision, see it surrounded by a spiritual white/ gold light while sending few blessings.
This way you bless and raise the vibrations of money being used for the highest good of yours and others, so bottom line think money as a spiritual tool instead of greed evil money.


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