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"Etheric shower" - Cleaning Your Aura

Empathic (sensitive) people usually pick up energy debris from outside
their energy field.

Every time one interacts with another there is an exchange of energy,
which could be beneficial or not.

That’s why is important to clean your aura on a regular basis.

Etheric shower” is one of few methods to sweep the aura clean, purifying the mind.

You can do it in a seated position or standing but make sure your are grounded
(feet make contact with the floor).

Closing your eyes imagine a large colorful whirlwind spinning in a clockwise
motion coming from above (Universe) encircling your entire body and aura.

Chose a color for this whirlwind.

I personally prefer purple, violet, blue, green or rainbow colors
(mostly upper charkas colors).

Take your time and visualize this whirlwind going slowly and steadily
downwards, sweeping and cleaning the entire aura and body,
getting rid of anything that is not supposed to be in your auric field.

Watch this energy whirlwind exit through your feet, going deep inside the earth.

Mother Earth knows what to do with this energies: she recycles,
balances and transforms them in higher energies.

This simple exercise can be done whenever you feel drained,
after entering in contact with people who are low in energy
and consciously or unconsciously absorb the energy from your charged aura.

Taking a shower or a bath is not only about cleaning your
psysical body, see it as an aura cleanse also.

Spiritual Etheric Shower

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Nature heals...

Nature can also help clean your aura.
Sit next to or under a tree, hug the tree, they are natural energy cleansers.
Sunlight and fresh air strengthen the aura.

Feet chakra balancers - gifts from Spirit are orgone (life force) tools to help ground and clean the aura.

LISTEN below to the Podcast version of this article where I share more about this method and
also guide you into a short and powerful meditation. :-)

I have used this Method often for many years and shared it with many clients.

It is very practical and it can be used anywhere, specially in large crowds
when we need extra protection. Just close your eyes and do it.

Share this Method with people who are sensitive and need extra aura protection.

Let me know how this works for you.

Many Blessings

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