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Laying on orgone chakra balancers (OCB's) -exercise


Before starting this exercise arrange your (orgone chakra balancers) OCBs on the floor close to your body in such a way that will be easier to place them on your chakras when you lie down.

Lie comfortable on the floor.

Starting with the root, place the OCBs on your chakras

Closing your eyes, breath gently and normally.

Feel your energy travel to your body thru all main chakras relaxing the areas and muscles related to that particular chakra. Feel the chakras, if you feel resistance spend more time until the block is gone.

After you finish visualizing or feeling all chakras, bring your attention and breathing to your heart center. If there is any tension in your body, let go, enjoying your deep relaxation.

If you feel like flying go ahead fly.

Come back to your body starting to move your toes and/or fingers slowly, stretching yourself slowly, moving slowly side to side or whatever feels comfortable. When you are ready turn on your right side and slowly push yourself up.

Do this exercise for 15-20 minutes.

Orgone Chakra balancers TESTIMONIALS




Orgone Root (1st) chakra balancer

Location: place it under the base of the spine on the floor

Associated body parts: feet, legs, base of spine, bones, teeth, nails, large intestines

This chakra is associated with survival needs, joy in living, earth, instinct

Associated sense: smell


Orgone Sacral ( 2nd) chakra balancer

Location: place it above the pubic bone

Associated body parts: lower back, sexual organs, hips, genitals, kidneys, blood, lymph

This chakra is associated with creativity, fertility, emotions, sexuality

Associated sense: taste


Orgone Solar (3rd) chakra balancer

Location: place it on your solar plexus, above the navel

Associated body parts: digestive system, stomach, liver, spleen, gall bladder

This chakra is associated with personal power, will, self-esteem, spontaneity, concentration

Associated sense: sight


Orgone Heart (4th) chakra balancer

Location: place it in the middle of the chest

Associated body parts: heart, circulatory system, upper back, thymus gland, immune system

This chakra is associated with love and empathy

Associated sense: touch


Orgone Throat (5th) chakra balancer

Location: place it at the base of your throat

Associated body parts: throat, neck, nose, teeth, ears, provides energy to the thyroid gland, it governs esophagus, vocal cords

This chakra is associated with communication, opens to receiving and giving information, self expression, expression of our truth

Associated sense: hearing


Orgone Third eye (6th) chakra balancer

Note: use root OCB on your first chakra when you place this OCB on your third eye

Location: place it on the forehead, above the top of the nose

Associated body parts: eyes, nose, face, senses, pituitary gland

This chakra is associated with intuition, wisdom, clear thinking, knowledge, the act of seeing, both physically and intuitively, seeing the “big picture”

Associated sense: sixth sense


Orgone Crown (7th) chakra balancer

Location: place it above the crown of your head

Associated body parts: brain, cranium, skin

This chakra represents the highest state of enlightenment, spirituality, connections with other realms, higher self, God.

Associated sense: transcendence


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