Symptoms of Awakening and Healing Crises...

Symptoms of Awakening and Healing Crises

There is a very deep cleansing and purification taking place in the world.

I have to admit it is not easy at times but it helps if you educate and inform yourself.

This leads to empowerment

Symptoms like fever, sneezing, coughing and even headaches
can be symptoms of spiritual awakening as well as healing crisis.

Flu like symptoms and fever means the body is flushing the toxins
out of your system and a powerful charge and healing happens in your chakras.

Usually headaches happen when too much opening is going in the crown
chakra and third eye chakra (pineal and pituitary) and body is not prepared
to receive so much energy.

You can ask Spirit to lessen the energy flow of transmission.

When diarrhea and nausea happens, it?s usually the solar plexus chakra cleansing and purging intensely.

God knows how long this chakra has been blocked so be happy you are opening up and releasing stagnant energy.

The thing is that we hold so much garbage in the solar chakra and it is usually fear of change and lack of courage and confidence.

When you vomit and you gotta rush to the bathroom be happy, celebrate as you are getting a good body cleanse!

Some people have to go through an Epsom salt liver flush to accomplish this...

Heart palpitations, rapid heart beat, discomfort in the heart energy center is related to awakening and opening of the heart chakra - the center of love and compassion.

There are more symptoms like mood swings, depression, muscle and join pains, being super sensitive to energy, crying for no reason, fatigue, changes in weight, changing in your diet
(many meat eaters find it hard to accept the vibration of meat as being very dense).

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When these things happen you are going through a big shift.

Accept it, embrace it, go with the flow as you are cleansing, purging, preparing for a
new healthy body and mind.

Old non constructive thoughts, negative patterns and belief systems are changing
into good attributes.

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Drink plenty of good water with lemon to help the detoxification process.

Yoga and meditation helps a lot with purging as meridians and chakras start to slowly awaken.

Being in the nature is also very helpful, hiking helps ground.

Ground yourself: it's important, you are connected to Mother Earth.

I cannot stress enought how important is to earth/ground yourself.

Feet chakra balancers -orgone helped me not only ground myself but stay present when some these sympyhoms were challenging.

In general when you notice these symptoms just take it easy and don’t overwork,
allow your body and mind to adjust to the new energies.
It will pass, it is temporary.
You are changing.

Your body and mind becomes lighter.
You are upgraded to a new lighter and more powerful and spiritual version of you.
You are changing energetically. Your DNA structure is upgrading.
You are moving to a new dimension of awareness.

We are continuously being upgraded, we embrace new levels of consciousness and truth.

We are gifted.

The old crap must be released and purged before we can make room for new good and healthy energies into our lives.
However do not mix these symptoms with medical issues where a medical doctor has to be consulted.
Not everyone goes thought these shifting experiences, but for those who are, just simply be aware.

Some experiences can be lighter, some can be stronger, some can be blissful, some can be like it’s the end of the world for you,
it all depends on what your energetic system your body and soul needs.

Whatever your experience is, honor it as you are growing, evolving, expanding.

Moon transmissions, healing energy and orgone energy can do that.
So just be aware of that.
Celebrate and be grateful that you are part of the cosmic transformation.
Say “Thank you” for these experiences. We live in very powerful times.
The more we accept and are aware of the changes and what’s going on with our DNA and the world’s DNA the easier the transformation.

We cannot deny the transformation, it is happening and it does at a great speed.

Everyone and everything is changing, regardless of our wishes or resistance.
Some of us have been on this path of transformation for a while, sometimes it’s not easy or pleasant.
It is what it is.
Learn to surrender to it and just go with the flow.

~ Blessings

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