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Moon Transmissions - Powerful Manifestations

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Due to the high response, request and powerful positive results I decided to continue the new moon and full moon transmissions/rituals whenever I am guided by my higher consciousness.
I will be leading high vibrational ceremonies for manifesting health, wealth, abundance, joy, love etc...

Why using the Moon phases or other powerful times?

Working with the energies of the moon or other planets is organic: it amplifies our own powers to achieve soul purposes. To go against the Moon cycles is like swimming against the flow, so why struggle when life can be easy? It is important to surrender to energies instead of fighting them.

I will be leading moon transmissions, rituals, powerful ceremonies as my schedule allows me in order to tune into the full force of the monthly energies, invoking the greatest spirits including angels, animal totems dolphins, whales, dragons, fairies, elementals, elements, ancient shamans from all cultures and traditions, and the greatest higher guidance.


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How and Who can participate

Highest vibrations of healing, joy, love, abundance will be transmitted to your higher selves.

The transmissions will be sent to your higher self, no force being involved. If your higher self wants to participate you will benefit from this transmission highly, if your higher self is not ready for these transmissions you will not be part of these transmissions.

These sacred ceremonies are POWERFUL! The benefits can be noticed for some people immediately, for some in a few weeks to a few months, it all depends on the level of receiving: readiness, willingness and determination.

I strongly suggest use intentions or wishes according to your subconscious level capacity of comprehension. If your manifesting powers are strong, sky is the limit, if not then I suggest start with small steps so when you achieve results your subconscious feels satisfied to have accomplished something great.


How to Receive a Moon Transmission LIVE

All you have to do is sit quietly, relax, breathe deeply and allow the energies of the Moon transmissions to bring healing, peace and deep insight to you.

Listen to meditative music, perhaps musical mantras as spiritual information travels through sound and help us receive wisdom and clarity.

If for some reason you cannot be part of the LIVE transmission, no worries.

I will be creating a ball of energy (chi ball) and will be placing the Energies of the Moon Transmission in it.

The ball of energy will be available for 24 more hours after the transmission has completed.

How to access into the chi (energy) ball?

Simply by stating something like this:
“I am ready to receive the energy (chi) ball formed during Moon Transmission from Lilly Natures Blessings for my highest good and interest”.

Then visualize the chi ball like a light powerful ball of high energy coming towards you and gift you with energies of love, healing, abundance, joy or whatever you are willing and ready to receive.

May the Moon Transmission serve you well.


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What people say about Moon Transmissions:


"Dear Lilly,
For the full moon transmission let me just say that your insights on the angelic realm and angels and the technique regarding growing angels wings on your heart chakra was right on in its effective-ness. I have been doing that since for several weeks and its results are amazing. The spreading of the wings during troublesome emotions reminds you of your true nature as a being filled with light! and helps you shake off any negativity and fly above it with brilliantly shining energy...Its become my favorite technique :)" - Ashley


"This recent moon transmission was very gentle, after going through that spiritual ordeal it was very nuturing, like taking a bath in moon light and helped me to settle back into my skin. I felt peace and confidence in just walking my way at my own pace instead of rushing the day away just to meet the deadlines of the world. It felt very nice. Also there was a lot of energetic releases and openings on different layers...the best way to describe it is like roses blossoming or popcorn popping...the last time I had such sensations was when my spiritual mentor who is a shaman elder gave me my first usui reiki attunement...I recognized the energetic blocks being removed and healthy paths opened, so thank you! :) I felt myself go much deeper this time into the transmission to a place where I felt one with all that is and as relaxed as if I was sleeping though I was fully aware.Thank you again for all of the spiritual tools you've given!" ~ Ashley


Dear Lilly,
your newsletter arrived a few days ago. It helped to shed some light as to what was really going on and what else to expect. As the old saying goes "forewarned is forearmed. - Jasmine"


“Dear Lilly,
Thank you for offering this help. I definitely got some unexpected help financially and could also feel energy assistance with some difficult health issues I am trying to work through. Thank you again for such a generous offering of assistance.
Sincerely yours, ~ Billy B” 


“Hi Lilly!Things are incredible for me right now! Although nothing has realized in terms of money, I've been offered opportunities beyond my comprehension. Things are moving fast. I was floored when I received your email to participate in the ritual. It served as confirmation for me, that I'm going in the right direction, that I'm in a transition, and that everything will be alright real soon. Thank you for the work that you do, the love that you share, and the consciousness you bring to us. I'm truly grateful and aspire to be a more disciplined and consistent student of love consciousness. Ann L”


“Dear Lovely Lilly,
Thank you for all the healing work you do. Just reading what you wrote, it is so powerfully positive I get tears in my eyes, like right now.
That portal opening was a huge blessing, and I cannot thank you enough for this. I am sharing the energy I receive as much as I can, as often as I think on it and as strongly as possible. Sometimes things are hard, but I feel the progress and know the vibrations will get higher and higher, and stay high.
Namaste, Megan”


“Hi Lilly! The full moon and I have a special relationship that I don't fully understand yet, but I have interesting experiences with each one.
I actually didn't read both e-mail's (the one telling of the upcoming ritual AND the one telling of the response) until last night, so I didn't realize what was happening Sunday evening. I must have received some effect from it I couldn't get "dragons" out of my head the next day and also dreamt about them the next night.
After reading this e-mail more closely this morning, I saw that there are some dragon pendants that were powered during the full moon ritual. Are there any left? Blessings! Emily W.


“Hey Lilly :)Couple questions regarding the ritual. How did I connect, was it just my intentions? and if a friend wanted to take part how would they do so.. Same as me would they have just asked their higher self? I felt a lot of energy on the bottom half of my body. Felt zapping sensations almost itchy at my knees. Do you feel this was some sort of healing or a message? The energy was quite strong and I must say it surprised me! Thanks so much - Mike” 


Dearest star sister,

I wanted to put into words the impressions I have had with all the lunar transmissions I have connected to since you have started them. I have noticed the channels of abundance improve and thoughts manifest into energy that I can almost visually tangibly see, and it will manifest sometimes in hours of having the though, I have noticed I do not try to have thoughts, I am inspired to have them, sometimes we lose awareness of this when we try to hard to do things right

I have noticed how when I take 1 step forward the world rushes to greet me, and I mean this on many levels I have noticed many more supernatural things happen, as you know they already do in my life, but the level and the Symbols behind what’s happening has become much more esoteric, like the messages I get they go hand in hand with what happens the very next moment and so fourth, its like a chain of events. I have noticed life is more colorful literally, tastes are enhanced my intuition has peaked as never before, I feel like maybe the creative part of the mind connects to all that is much easier and has the answers available-makes you not care too much about rationalizing things too much time wasted when its all there in a knowing- your mind works differently, the way you make decisions on your intuitive feeling not on evaluating the left brained linear way, its autonomous now with everything like the conditioning is gone.

I think this is happening universally everyone’s thinking patterns are changing like a kind of emotional nutrition being received for the first time;)

I could go into a personal stuff but that is only secondary, what I have noticed is that universally many more people who may have still been sleeping through this r-evolution of energies are waking up, I have noticed a steady and very fast increase in the people approaching me for further assistance regarding their health issues, it has never before been to this degree! either the floodgates were blown open, or I have been asleep until now.

I believe that all of these changes are to do with a deeper heart connection to everything I do now and ultimately I think the difference is the emotional intelligence is awakening and has been too long misunderstood for sentimentalities which is not the same thing, the emotions come from a place of intelligence that you must be connected to, whereas sentiments are triggered by experiences and memories and come from the ego self. I truly believe that what inherently is going on with each transmission is that we are attuned and empowered deeper with our heart desires and purpose- it is being now navigated from the heart, by the hearts intelligence.

I thank you from the deepest levels of my heart for this work that you are doing and sharing, the world and those tuned in will surely have an easier faster transition and be more empowered because of it!
love, yasmine"

“Lovely Lilly!
Wow, this full moon is powerful. I felt it hours before here, I consciously opened myself to the source, repeated some mantras, went home from work and cleaned some space, meditated and sent so much heart energy out my body shook a bit. The moon worked WITH me, like being pillowed, and very few stray thoughts entered my mind. Now I am still in this place of high energy and vibrations, and feel more relaxed and centered than I have in days. I feel this one compliments the new moon transmission (Jan4th2011), and whereas that time concentration was
hard, this time it came easily.” ~ Megan


I'm honored and happy to share this journey with you. It's going to be a beautiful and spiritual exploration of the soul to manifest GOOD!
Infinite blessings to you,



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