Intuition: The Skill of Life...

Intuition: The Skill of Life


Stress, worriers, frustration, chaotic energy, distress, anxiety, fear, overwhelmed is definitely not your true Intuitive connection with your higher self.

Intuition is knowing what you need to know when you need to know it.

Simple? Yes very simple when you are connected with it. Not so simple when you are separated from your intuitive mind.

Intuition is designed to be part of our life in order to evolve as human being, expand and grow our souls. We are conditioned by society to operate from our linear mind mostly, that’s why we are disconnected from nature, divine and selves.

However when we tap into our intuition, unexpected miracles happen and become in control of our lives, stopping the searching for ourselves in uncertainty and darkness.


*Financial worries disappear when we are plugged into our higher intuitive mind.
Successful people tune into a higher degree of intuition than the average person.
I once asked a well known successful stock market professional trader if he ever uses his intuition when he trades. His answer was: “Always, but keep it to myself”.


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* Intuition can warn you of dangers ahead and save lives

As I was driving on a busy freeway in California one day, my intuition warned me to move into the fast lane immediately. Without thinking twice I changed lanes immediately like I was caught on fire.
As I looked in my rear view and side view mirror I saw cars crashing behind me and to my right.
It looked like a scene from a scary movie: the noise of brakes was like the noise from hell with smoke everywhere.
My car was the last one to pass safe from that accident and that's because I listened to my Intuition.


*Intuition can warn you about health issues

One day I woke up in excruciating neck pain that lasted for about a month. I couldn't explain myself what was the cause, until I decided to ask my intuitive higher self what was happening to me.
The answer came so clear that I couldn't believe why I waited so long to ask my intuition.

I was suffering from mercury poisoning from dental metal fillings that caused neck pain, knee pain and so much more. Once I knew the cause, I started to look into alternative remedies including special detox, visit to a holistic dentist that removed the metal fillings safely.
I can say it with my hand on my heart that intuition saved me from pain ad suffering and perhaps saved my life.

*Intuition helps you choose your friends, partners or your team carefully, so you won't end up in a divorce, breakup, suffering.

Many of us "sort of know" when something goes wrong in a relationship.
When in my early twenties I intuitively knew that my partner at the time was seeing someone else, but couldn't prove it. One night in between awake and sleep state "I knew it".
Out of nowhere a name came to my intuitive psychic radar. I looked for that name in the phone book, called that woman and asked to speak with the man I was in a relationship with. Strangely enough she put him on the phone.
Of course that was a shock but helped me cut the relationship immediately preventing me from further suffering and living a lie.

There are so many benefits of tuning into your intuition like make the right decisions, connect with your passion, your enthusiasm, your life purpose, etc.

I have just mentioned a few important ones hoping to get you motivated enough to start working deeper with your intuitive mind.

How to Connect to your Intuition

*To follow your intuition, connect with your heart, your poetic side, the artist in you, the inner child.
Intuition teaches you about the true, vulnerable, raw, organic YOU.

*When you connect with your intuition PRESENCE is Key. In the spirit world there is no past or future, there is only NOW.

*Behave like you are Intuitive!!! All of us have this innate ability which requires exercise of spiritual and psychic faculties. It is important to expect success, and you will because the law says if you keep practicing and stay focused on your success goals you will achieve them no matter what.
"Believing is seeing" ('Seeing is believing' is old dogma that just doesn't work).

*Intuition is a natural state. When you are at peace, calm, relaxed you are into your intuitive mind.

* Tools are great to be used to increase and help in developing intuitive skills. They can give a boost in the right direction, increasing the speed of awakening and work through blockages.
Example of psychic tools: crystals and gemstones, orgone (life force generators) intuition pendant, tarot cards, pendulum, meditation, breath work, yoga, being in the nature, chanting, drumming, take courses and be in the presence of other elevated intuitve beings. Intuition orgone Pendant is a great tool that helps you open your intuitive mind.

*Affirmations have been proven to work on subconscious mind.
My intuition guided me to create a very powerful effective affirmation download that uses special effects to help tap into intuitive mind easily impressing upon the subconscious mind.
Check the Intuition Affirmations Download here.


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