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EMPATHY... Know it and control it


Empathy is a psychic ability, one of the most ancient healing arts, one of the most heightened form of clairsentience.

Everyone is a natural empath. When we cry at a movie that's just simple an empathic response. The media is using advertising thru music and images to create empathic responses in those who watch TV.
This is actually manipulation and if we are not aware of it, we suffer.

As a healer you deal with people’s pain and illnesses, mental, emotional problems, dark entities, cords, implants and so on.

But if we are unaware of our ability it can create problems to us. Empathic people need to pay attention to and honor what they feel.

Picking someone’s aches or pains as a healer or sensing dark energy as a booster its normal to an empath but it is usually just a passing phase and should not persist. You don't have to absorb someone’s pain or let yourself corded, letting their distress be the source of your pain and stress.

Sometimes it is difficult to determine whether the feelings you are picking are yours or someone else’s energy. Empathy is one of the most difficult abilities to control. If you don’t know how to control this ability you become depleted of energy and your immune system will become weakened, and eventually you’ll become ill.

You need to get acquainted with your abilities, honor and acknowledge them.


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Here are a few ways that might help you connect with your ability and transform it into something powerful and helpful:

Disconnect from others until you get stronger
Its okay to love people and send loving energy thoughts but make sure you don’t take their pain.
Visualize disconnecting yourself from others that don't serve your highest purpose or support you. Just make sure you don't do it from a place of anger or sadness but from a place of understanding and compassion.


Wash your hands frequently
Washing helps breaking the connection with the one you worked on.
A shower before going to bed will clean not only your body but your auric field.


Protection is a MUST whether is in a form of a prayer, boosting, visualization, meditation or just a thought.


Fresh air, energy from sun or trees, proper diet and exercise will help. Contrary, lack of exercise improper diet, use of drugs alcohol, cigarettes, negative thinking, lack of oxygen, will tear your aura.


Empathy when developed and controlled can be used as a powerful psychic tool.


I remember many years ago when I was talking on the phone with a friend of mine I would always get depleted and had to go to sleep after the conversation. She used to tell me how nice and such a good friend I was to her and she would always feel better after talking to me.


Stay grounded.
Feet chakra balancers~orgone are amazing grounding tools that strenghtens the connection with Earth and keep you protected while you sleep.

I don’t remember which book I read about empathy and how to use psychic self defense, but here is the technique I used and it worked !!!

I crossed my feet at the ankles and folded my arms acrossed my solar plexus. I remember crossing my fingers as well, I don’t think that was in the book but I needed to be protected.. Hey!! It worked really well. My friend suddenly told me that I was cold towards her.
She is a good friend, but used to leave me drained when we were together. She was dealing with a lot of issues at the time and saw in me as a healing opportunity. But I wasn't allowing her to heal, I was just lending her my energy which was not the right thing to do.
I realized that I needed to actually pray for her to help her draw energy from another source and not from me.

It is not fair to get depleted, there must be an exchange of energy always when you interact with someone. You give some energy , they will give some energy, as simple as that.

The meridians of the body terminate at the toes and fingers. Crossing feet and hands, you close the whole body energy circuit.


Another trick is look into someone’s left eye rather then right eye. The right eye is the sender of mental energies and if you look at it you can be more easily influenced.


Another one is do not face someone who can influence you mentally or emotionally, the solar plexus is the main point of entry, if you face someone better cover your solar plexus, or better wear a solar plexus pendant.

These are just a few ways to help you deal with own empathy if it becomes a issue. When you are in charge of your energy, empathy will be helping you massively and you will become a channel of clear light and protection will be always in place for you.

~Lilly Natures Blessings

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