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Power of the DRAGON Orgone Cone

~~~Awaken and channel the dragon within~~~

-- Dragons
- one of the most fascinating and magically powerful of all totems, the guardians of interdimensional gates and very old Beings of Light.

In many cultures and tribes the dragon is considered the source of wisdom, divinity and ‘good-fortune’. They represent the supernatural and infinite self. They are royal offering guidance and encouragement, protection and gifts of love to those who befriend them and ask for their help. They are loyal, and will lend power and energy to ones aura.

To awaken and acknowledge the Dragon within means to awakened inner wisdom and universal consciousness.

The power of the Dragon orgone cone will help raise you to the next level. If you are already developed spiritually, the vibration of the cone will greatly accelerate your journey.

Approx dimensions: diameter 4''

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POWER of the DRAGON orgone cone
is a powerful orgone (life energy) blessing designed to help:

* connect with the power of the dragon spirit

* promote energies of health, vitality and vibrancy

* increase magical insight, prowess, longevity, healing powers

* bring clarity of knowledge and infinite wisdom

* bring success, prosperity, good luck

* increase strength, courage, willpower, confidence and balance

undergo sudden or rapid changes of spiritual growth and transformation

* protect ~ removing or deflecting negative energies of all kinds

* accelerate the transfer of spiritual knowledge
from dragons

The combination of high vibrational stones and crystals used in this cone were given to me after completed my second spiritual journey in Peru in July 2010 where I worked with shamans and medicine plants to increase my personal spiritual powers. The sacred tree seed chosed for the cone have the power to attract good fortune and abundance and ward off evil spirits.

The water used for the cone is a combination of strongly charged "7 dragons stones" water and holy blessed waters gathered from around the world keeping the frequencies of cone active always. The Solffegio frequencies including 528 - Love frequency, infused in this cone help dissolve psychic blocks at cellular level, non beneficial frequencies, memories and suggestions, readjusting them, opening you up to receive healing and wisdom.

To become in sync and build an etheric link with your dragon within you will need to connect consciously , keep it in your space and meditate with the power of the dragon orgone cone.

Meditating will empower you and bring into you the powers of the dragon cone. Be aware of its energies and don't overempower yourself; if you feel the energies are too strong back off a little and take one step at the time to work with this powerful spiritual tool.

The power of the dragon orgone cone will come with a mantra. The use of the mantra is not compulsory. However chanting the mantra will further empower and stimulate the energy vortex within the body, strengthening the bond between you and the cone.

What people have to say about the power of the dragon orgone cone

"I found the Dragon cone to be very strong, protective and helpful in going deeper into one's self. I had many dreams where I went further into my past lives than I've ever been and feel the closing to a grand saga I've been wondering about for a while. What the Dragon Cone does is take you to those levels in yourself and while protecting you from any harm as a result. Its a surprisingly gentle yet strong energy in contrast to the other dragon products and I've still got more to figure out!"Ashley

The dragons finally came out to play :) When I went to sleep last night something was drawing me to the dragon pendent. Placed hands and pendant over my heart center, feet balancers in place :D..... I could feel my whole bodies vibrations adjusting and could feel some extra energy and color emitting. From there my spirit guide or angel made herself known... Thats when I knew something was different tonight. Out came the dragon cone. Placed that on my heart and placed the pendant over my 3rd eye, From there it was 2.5 hours of pure magic. They came out showing me their colors and vibrations and EYES haha in great detail. They came and left working on different parts of my body. And something else REALLY special happened waaay beyond my wildest.... At one point all of the dragons energies stopped and my eyes snapped open. On the ceiling of my room was this ball of energy just floating there and I watched it softly fall from the ceiling and land in my aura to the right of my head charging my whole body it felt sooooo amazing. WHAT WAS THAT :) ?? after that was the first time I have seen my guide(s) with my eyes open. I have felt different since. I can now see the energies coming from my orgone gifts." Mike H - Canada

"Hello Lilly, I just received your Power of the Dragon orgone cone, it's huge and beautiful, my business partner was very much impressed with it. The first night I wore the The power of the Dragon pendant at night I had this dream that instead of the normal necklace attached to the pendant, a wide one inch or so bright red and I believe also golden color ribbon was carefully woven into the pendant itself as it formed the necklace. I'm sure at some level I know its meaning.
Again Lilly, thank-you so very much for your BEING. Much Love and Light, Aaron"

"Lilly, This Dragon cone packs a serious punch :) Mike"

"I love the dragon cone, I have been mystified by it! It's my favourite cone" X X

"The dragon cone was majestic and proud and works in the forefront all the time checking things out and seeking answers, and this one (the SHAMAN CONE) is humble and full of surprises bringing moments of profound insights and emotional releases, so amazing how all the stones get together and make a new archetype, never ceases to amaze me how energies work and how the dynamic works together creating something new, just imagine the possibilities... hehe!" x x

Tap into the power of the dragon, this mystical creature that is rooted in wisdom, knowledge and power!




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