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Dolphin Portal Orgone Cone

Dolphins - The world of joy and bliss!!!


Dolphins, the keepers of the sacred breath of life, THE MASTER healers, teach us how to release emotions, heal ourselves, open our hearts fully and grow spiritually. Humanity is ready more than ever before to receive the wisdom of the magickal dolphin.
Their presence can be felt when you are attuned to their energy, one does not need to be in their physical presence to get their profound gifts or receive healing.

This is a great tool for healers, energy workers, etc that use any energy healing system.
Approx dimensions: diameter 4''


Dolphin Portal Orgone Cone is a powerful orgone (life energy) blessing designed to help:

* facilitate connection to the mystic realm of dolphins
* open up to dolphins vibrations, becoming aware of dolphin guidance
* stimulate intuition, sensitivity, imagination
* enhance telepathic communication
* bring spiritual strength, wisdom and healing
* aid communication in relationships
* align chakras, enter into own truths and awareness
* bring peace to within self, easing stress, uplifting heart
* accelerate the transfer of knowledge
* heal the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels
* stimulate the heart, throat, third eye
and crown chakras

The cone's design, combination of stones and dolphin gem elixir were given to me by dolphins through dreams and meditations. Dolphin Portal orgone cone attune the wearer to the wisdom of Californian Dolphins, spiritual energies of Hawaiian spinner dolphins, dolphin Lovers of Key West Florida, laughing dolphins of Honduras, playful dolphins of Mexico and Atlantean Dolphins.
While swimming with wild dolphins in Honduras I received sea grass from one of them, so I am adding small pieces of this special gift into the cone.

The combination of gemstones and crystals are high quality stones including larimar, coral, sea shells and other high vibrational stones which help one reach into the spiritual realms beyond words. Larimar, also known as the Dolphin Stone or the Atlantis stone represents the essence of the sea, it is spiritually pure and comes from one location at this time, Dominican Republic. It is a rare and sacred stone. It will bring life-changing spiritual strength, healing and wisdom for those who seek the dolphin spirit.

The Solffegio frequencies including 528 - Love frequency, infused in this pendant help dissolve psychic blocks at cellular level, non beneficial frequencies, memories and suggestions, readjusting them, opening you up to receive healing and well being.
The water used for the pendant is strongly charged, blessed by a powerful unique dolphin pearl keeping the frequencies of pendant active always.

Place your Dolphin Portal Orgone Cone by bedsite while sleeping to help induce dolphin dreams.

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Dolphin Portal Orgone Cone Meditation

This meditation was given to me telepathically by dolphins.

Sit crossleged or in a chair spending few minutes meditating with your pendant both in the morning upon waking or before going to sleep or anytime you want to get your frequencies aligned with cone's vibrations.
Start by taking three deep but gentle breaths welcoming dolphins into your space. Visualize them smiling riding the waves or anyway you like. Smile, thank the Universe for the connection.

Rubwith the cone the followings using clockwise spiral motion:
* soles of your feet, two inches bellow the belly, around the belly, two inches above the belly, heart center, two inches above heart center, throat center, one inch above both ears, third eye (forehead center), two inches above third eye, crown (top of the head).

Dolphin Love Connection
Bring the cone on your heart. Call in the dolphin Loving energy to come into your heart and bath your aura with their energy.

Dolphin Portal Gazing
With eyes open gaze into the back of your portal cone for spiritual visions and travel to dolphin realms.

For faster results we suggest to use the Dolphin Portal Orgone Cone in combination with the Dolphin Gem Elixir.



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